About Us

At Deal Empire, we have created a goal to provide our users with transparent independent reviews in the world of online bonuses and deals. We care about the people who visit our little empire; thus, we will review and break down only the best offers we find and we will categorise them so you can streamline your time spent on our site.

We know our position as an aggreator of online casino - we are a stepping stone between an user realising they'd like a new casino welcome offer to play at and sending our users off to their next iGaming experience. We don't take this lightly, but we'll keep things light-hearted to provide you the best player journey possible.

Website Manager & Editor

The Creator and Founder of Deal Empire, Luis Santos was a former affiliate account manager with 8+ years of experience in Travel, E-commerce and the iGaming, Industry. He worked closely with iGaming affiliates on a daily basis, focused on relationship building and account management. Therefore, the creator values the importance of a trustworthy and transparent relationship with its clients, and with that being said visitors can expect the same principles to be applied at DealEmpire. Our vision includes offering full transparency to customers who like to deposit their money in exchange for some form of entertainment, the reviews are unilateral to help players take advantage of the welcome bonuses for better playing experience.

Online Casino Bonuses should be transparent with no hidden catches in the iGaming industry, where trust is rare and honesty can be rarer for its customers and affiliates" (Deal️Empire)


Fair Play

We all know gambling is a fickle beast – Our users will be treated fairly as they win and lose at the casinos that have reached our pages. We wan't to keep things fair, if you've been mistreated by any of the casinos we promote, we want to hear about and help you with the issue.


Each of the pages on our sites have been painstakingly designed, edited and re-edited to give our users a polished and slick experience.  


No wool pulled over your eyes, no punches pulled. Irrespective of how it affects our bottom-line, we’ll give you the full picture.

Tailored Market Research

DealEmpire analyses every online casino niche individually with careful consideration, products are evaluated against statistics and not manipulation, in order to help our users with decision making. Our research will aim to analyse trends, and the most efficient products in the market.

Contact Us

If you are a user who has spotted something out of place, has a complaint about a casino or just fancies a natter, we’d be really happy to hear from you. Please contact us at contact@dealempire.com or direct message through our telegram channel or instagram.