On Monday 27th April, Ronaldinho gave his first interview after the fake passport incident in Paraguay, and he expressed concerns about the impact this imprisonment had on his mum. “It was a heavy blow, she really had a difficult time since the covid-19 outbreak started. The first thing I’m going to do when I see
MP’s in the UK have expressed their concern over the rise in problem gambling since the Coronavirus outbreak. They have recently written a letter detailing the actions that gambling companies including online casinos should take in order to manage the daily deposit amount. The suggested daily amount has been put forward as £50 per player.

An interview with BoHerald

An ordinary interview with Boherald BO Herald | Wrapped up with News, about this project this time it was my turn to get wrapped up with questions. This interview explains more about the concept behind of Deal Empire’s theme, what it represents and what we stand for. Get to know more about the project, how

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